ASE Loves: Ticings

Fact: When you work in the event planning industry, you’re going to come across cake. And cupcakes. And cookies. And more cake. (Not that we’re complaining!) So what separates the good from the great? How does a sweet treat take home the gold?

Turns out, there are a few factors. Just like a diamond is judged by the 4 C’s (color, cut, clarity, carat), we at ASE judge sweets by the (less-demanding) 2 D’s: design and deliciousness. While it takes both factors to create the perfect baked good, we’ll leave deliciousness to the culinary experts. Today, we’re talking about design.

Enter Ticings. Launched in 2009, this company produces edible cupcake and cake toppers. In other words, Ticings let you transform your plain sweets into works of art—right in your own kitchen.

Here’s how it works: First, you frost your cake or cupcake so the frosting stays flat. Then, you peel the Ticing from the backing sheet—much like a sticker or temporary tattoo—and gently press it on to your cake. Done! Professional looking cake decorations at a fraction of the price and effort.

Custom Barcelona Monogram by Ticings.

Custom Barcelona Monogram by Ticings.

Ticings are gluten-free and completely edible. Their website lists the full list of ingredients here.

Choose from Ticings’ library of designs, or create your own. We’re currently loving the Custom Barcelona Monogram design—fitting for everything from birthday celebrations to graduation parties and everything in between.

Check out the rest of the designs at the Ticings website—don’t forget to tell them Allison sent you! What’s your favorite design? What occasion will you use Ticings for?

We’ll be reading your responses—while decorating cakes of our own—at @ASargentEvents.


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