On Our Radar: 1920s-themed Weddings

“In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Things may have not worked out for poor Gatsby, but if there’s one thing we love from the classic novel, it’s the extravagant party scenes. History repeats itself, and the 1920s are the next big wedding trend. We consulted our library and—in true 20s style—read a few books to bring you everything you need to know when planning a themed wedding.


Brides: Think straight cuts of crepe and chiffon covered in heavy beading. Veils cover more of the hair and head than modern styles. Scour vintage shops, or even upscale costume shops. If you have a specific, unique design in mind, hire a skilled dressmaker.


Bridal Party: Instead of matching dresses, encourages your bridal party to choose a vintage dress of their choice. Just keep it in the same color family. Groomsmen should wear the same color suits, but could personalize their style with accessories like hats or bow-ties.



We’ll take an elegant champagne tower any day. Other ideas: place jugs labeled “moonshine” near the bar for a speakeasy feel. Planning a non-alcoholic wedding? One word: Prohibition. Talk about sticking to a theme!


Venue & Details

Old hotel ballrooms are especially fitting for this type of wedding theme. Other unique venues: museums and galleries. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, choose a waterfront location. Serve dinner and cocktails under a candlelit tent. The most impressive detail: renting a 1920s style car. Arrive in style!


For more 1920s wedding tips, check out the book Everything Creative Wedding Ideas, or contact Allison to help bring your vision to life.  What other themes are your favorites? Tell us on twitter @asargentevents.


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