New Year’s Resolution: Pay It Forward

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions that lasted approximately 2.5 weeks before throwing in the towel. We tell ourselves we’ll eat less, exercise more and go to sleep earlier—but before we know it, we’re skipping the gym for happy hour.

Improving one’s physical well-being is always a good intention, but this year we’re focusing our resolutions on positivity and mental well-being (two goals that you can achieve without getting sweaty at the gym!). Today, we want to share two sources of inspiration with you.

The first is a book we’ve been passing around the ASE office: One Good Deed by Erin McHugh.  We’re inspired by the author’s journey as she documents one good deed a day for a year. We’re trying to incorporate a bit of McHugh’s spirit into our daily routines.

The second do-good trend we’re loving is #26Acts, a movement started by NBC News correspondent Ann Curry as a response to the tragic Newtown shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school. The premise is simple: complete 26 acts of kindness in memory of each of the 26 victims. Curry’s idea went viral, and participants have been documenting their acts via twitter using the hashtag #26Acts.


We’re with McHugh and Curry. Make “pay it forward” your New Year’s resolution with acts of kindness, no matter how small. That’s one resolution we know we’ll stick with.

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