Hanukkah Decor for the Home

Three candles have been lit on the menorah and there’s plenty of Hanukkah gelt for the children. Here’s a selection of our favorite Hanukkah-themed home decor, tablescapes, menorah displays and place settings. Happy holidays!

BHG_plate Houzz_Mantle StyleAtHome_dreidelsBHG_Table BHG_papercandles bhg_mantleStyleAtHome_menorah1.


5 thoughts on “Hanukkah Decor for the Home

  1. Reblogged this on Dreaming In Designs and commented:
    As the fourth night of Hanukkah approaches – as well as my little brothers Hanukkah play – I have been looking for cute decoration ideas to bring the holiday spirit to Boston as I am no longer living with my family. Allison Sargent nailed it! These table settings and other decorations are beautiful and never come close to corny.
    take a look and remember to dream…

    Always Dreaming,


  2. Tory Burch def designed a lot of her newer stuff around “Hanukkah Elegance” Gotta love that local Roslyn woman<3 So many pretty idea's.

  3. I love this holiday as its one of my favorites! I now know why I have continued to save my dreidel’s beautiful candles ,and decor year after year. There is still time to set up a beautiful Chanukah table

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