Thanksgiving Tablescapes

There are many of reasons to love November, but our favorite, by far, is Thanksgiving! This holiday is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your creativity—not only through your meal, but through your evening’s décor as well. This year, we’re creating a Thanksgiving tablescape that captures the essence of fall and the spirit of giving. Here’s some inspiration and tips to help you create a beautiful tablescape of your own.

Create a Showpiece
A few weeks ago, ASE attended BizBash Ideafest in New York, a trade show for the event planning industry. We noticed a pattern of displaying an elaborate showpiece on a table—a stylish arrangement that catches the eye and draws attention. Even the experts at Southern Living magazine are on to it; we sense a trend in the making!

Photo Credit: Tria Giovan
Tip: Work with what you have! You don’t have to spend big bucks to create an elegant showpiece. In fact, antiques and heirlooms can add charm and heritage to your Thanksgiving table. Think candlesticks, wooden statuettes and even old family photos. Also, aim to incorporate items of different height into your showpiece to create contrasting shapes in your tablescape.

Make Everyone Feel At Home
Thanksgiving is about bringing friends and family together. But whether you’re entertaining four people or 40 people, it’s important that everyone feels comfortable and at ease. To achieve this, aim for a tablescape with a lived-in, warm feel.

Tip: Skip the linens. A bare table can look just as put-together as a covered one. This idea works especially well for antique tables with a weathered surface or if you’re going for a relaxed or country-style theme.

Play The Name Game
Placecards are a great way to add a personalized touch to your Thanksgiving table. Even the simplest of cards will give your tablescape a hint of charm.

Tip: Don’t forget the kids! We love the idea of covering a table with plain brown paper and letting the kids create masterpieces around their own place settings.
As a hostess, you have tons of things to worry about—drinks shouldn’t be one of them. Setting up a self-service bar area lets your focus on more important aspects of your evening.
Tip: No need to over-do it. A small table tucked away in a corner or off to the side works just as well as a fully-stocked bar. This idea can also work buffet-style food if you do not have room on your dining table to fit all of your dishes.
Creating an elegant Thanksgiving tablescape doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult—all it takes it a little bit of creativity. Share your Thanksgiving tablescapes with us @ASargentEvents, or comment and tell us your favorite table-setting tip!

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