You’re Invited

Please join ASE and the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark on Tuesday June 19, 2012 to celebrate 100 years of providing compassionate care to the homeless through their “Ministry For The Homeless” program. Did you know the Catholic Charities helped over 1,800 homeless men, women, and children in 2011? They have eight facilities for homeless seeking a place for the night or permanent housing including three emergency shelters, three transitional housing centers and two permanent housing centers.

Catholic Charities is different because they truly care about the people they serve. They know that in other shelters the homeless are forced to sleep on the hard floor, that people with mental illnesses are most times refused from shelters and that familes may even be refused. Catholic Charities accepts all homeless men, women, children, and families… and no one is sent away for mental illness or previous incarcerations. They have social services staff at the ready to assist these men and women into permanent or long-term homes. Please join us on Tuesday at the Upper Montclair Country Club to celebrate all of the wonderful things Catholic Charities has done for our community!


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