Neon Wedding Inspiration Board

Happy Wedding Wednesday! It’s hard to believe it’s already mid week! As we get busier and busier prepping for upcoming events the days just seem to fly by. One of our favorite trends in both fashion and decor is neon. It’s such a great way to make your wedding fresh and modern. You’d be surprised just how many flowers are naturally neon colored, and how fantastic pops of neon throughout your reception can be. Not ready to take it all the way? Try just one neon streamer among many, or have your guests throw neon confetti while you head back down the aisle. Little touches like that can add a lot more color to your day then you would expect. If you’re a color lover, you’ll love this inspiration board!

Images via Design Sponge, 100 Layer Cake, OneWed, Brooklyn Bride, Oh So Beautiful Paper

Summer Tablescapes

We are in summer mode over here at ASE and we won’t let the rain ruin the mood! We were able to relax over the long weekend and we are now taking these summer weddings and events by the horns. Check out some of our favorite wedding tablescapes, perfect for summer!

Memorial Day Decor

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope that you all enjoy your day off but keep in mind why we celebrate this day. So many of us head to the beach or to family BBQs and forget to stop and think about the sacrifices so many men and women made for us. Thank you to all of our branches of the military for sacrificing to keep us safe! We wanted to share with you some great Memorial Day decor and recipe ideas that we are using for our BBQ later today. Enjoy!

ASE Loves: Elizabeth Dye

We love this photo shoot featured on Style Me Pretty Canada by Vicky Starz. Elizabeth Dye is one of our favorite designers, and we really urge you to take a look at her new collection. There is lots and lots of pretty going on on that site… if gorgeous lace and gorgeous silhouettes are for you then look no further!

All photos via Vicky Stars Photography

Engagement Ring Trends: “Halo”

Happy Wedding Wednesday! There are so many gorgeous engagement ring styles out there, but lately we are smitten over “halo” engagement rings… where smaller diamonds surround the center stone. Whatever shape the center stone is there’s no harm in surrounding it in diamonds, that’s for sure. Check out some of our favorites and make sure to put your request in to your future fiance early on!

Think Pink

Here at ASE we are always gathering inspiration for events that might come up in the future. Things are getting busy now with spring weddings and not for profits, but there are no shortage of requests for pink themed parties. Whether it be a birthday, mitzvah, wedding shower, baby shower, or actual wedding, everyone seems to be thinking pink!

ASE Loves: Healing The Children

Happy Friday! Today we have something really special to share with you. ASE has been working with Dr. Hoffman and his team from Healing The Children to put together a Columbian night TOMORROW at the Copa Cabana in NYC. We jumped at the chance to work with Healing The Children when we heard their story.


Dr. Hoffman has been traveling to Neiva, Columbia with a team of doctors and surgeons every year for the past nineteen years. Originally, the goal was to provide cleft lip and palate surgery to children in Columbia. He saw the need for medical care and has worked tirelessly to expand the amount of doctors going to Columbia so that he can help as many of the thousands that wait in line as possible.


Now, with a team of more than thirty, Dr. Hoffman will embark on his biggest trip yet from May 17th to the 24th. They anticipate performing over 100 surgeries and treating at least 600 children with the help of plastic surgeons, speech pathologists, geneticists, and orthodontists that can continue the children’s healing once Dr. Hoffman’s team is gone.


This is such an amazing cause, please check out the Healing The Children website for more information. We hope to see you this Saturday but if you’re not in the NYC area, please consider donating to help Healing The Children get the supplies and doctors they need so they can keep this going for twenty more years!


Peachy Keen

Hope you all had a great weekend! One of our favorite color palettes for spring involves peach. We especially love peach flowers injected into bouquets or centerpieces of white, green, and pink. Check out some of our all time favorite peach wedding flowers. Would you consider peach as one of your wedding colors?







Have you ever just taken a few minutes to look at vintage images? We love to take a trip back in time every once and a while and explore the fashion of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Some of the most elegant women ever, in our opinion, were leading the way in fashion back then. Little did they know, a lot of what they did then would inspire us so many years later. So here’s to those fabulous women!