Wedding Hair & Makeup

When ASE plans a wedding, we are there for you every step of the way. Our brides always ask us how to make sure their hair and makeup looks perfect on their wedding day. We suggest that our brides go to at least one hair and makeup trial to explain exactly what they want and see if the stylist can deliver. Once you’ve chosen a stylist, you should start a regimen. This can be started at any point in your engagement really, but once you know what look you’re going for, it’s easier. If you’d like your hair to grow quickly, sure you start using treatments to ensure your hair is healthy. The healthier your hair, the faster the growth. See some of our favorite treatments here. These will also take care of split ends and make your hair look silky smooth. If you have trouble with frizz, try a keratin treatment. Even though they are a little pricey, you’re sure to be happy with the result! Check out some more information here(make sure it’s formaldehyde free).

The most fun regimen, we think, before a wedding is facials. You want to ensure you’re skin is smooth and blemish free on the day of your wedding. Even though there is no guarantee of that, getting facials each month (it would be great to start about six months before) can make sure your skin stays clean and fresh. It will also ensure that your makeup artist will have a smooth, even canvas to work with. We recommend using airbrush foundation as opposed to a regular liquid. It stays on much longer and looks flawless. Get more information on airbrush makeup here. Tip: If you don’t wear makeup very often you may be a little taken aback by how much the makeup artist is actually putting on. The point of your trial appointment(s) is to get used to the feel of the makeup. Afterwards, have someone take flash photos of you. It may seem like a lot at first, but it will be perfect for your wedding day pictures!

Here are some of our favorite bridal makeup and hair looks. When everything is tied together, you’re sure to look gorgeous on your big day!








Scottish Weddings

Here at ASE, we love embracing the cultures of the bride and the groom. So far we have talked about American and Indian weddings but now let’s talk about one of our other favorites, Scottish. We love a good tartan, a family crest, bagpipes and of course lace… so what isn’t there to love about Scottish traditions! Getting married in a quiet ceremony at a cottage in the Scottish countryside sounds picture perfect to us. Here are some of our absolute favorite photos of Scottish weddings.

Traditional Indian Weddings

The best word to describe the weddings we are about to show you is opulence. Our hearts skip a beat whenever we see an Indian wedding filled with lots of henna, gold jewelry, and traditional garments. Allison loves working on Indian weddings, and over the years she’s become an expert at making sure all of the various traditions are executed perfectly and planned down to the second. Whether the seven vows, “solah shringar”, or the wedding barat, Allison has been through each detail over and over again. Making the perfect wedding day for the bride and groom. At ASE, we know how important these traditions are. One of our favorites is henna. Indian brides always look absolutely gorgeous, and we put this down to the beautiful henna so carefully painted onto their skin. Here are some of our favorite moments from Indian weddings. How could you not love these colors?

Ranch Weddings

Hope you all had a great weekend! We have such a busy week this week, Allison will be on TV today talking about wedding trends and walking us all through some gorgeous tablescapes, more on that later! And then, we will be set up at The Wedding Salon TONIGHT from 4-8pm. If you have a chance to stop by The Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC, we’d love to see you!

This week on the blog we are going to talk about different cultures. First up, what a lot of people think of as a very traditional American wedding. The recent trend in ranch weddings has made this a phenomenon for American brides. We have a wedding coming up in September that will be on an old ranch converted into a venue, it’s so gorgeous and we can’t wait to share it with you! For now though, we’ll show you some amazing weddings from all over the US. The good thing about ranches is that you can find them virtually anywhere, and they are so easy to make beautiful. With high grasses, rolling hills, hay bales, cowboy boots, and barns, you can’t go wrong!

ASE Loves: Gorgeous Invitations

Happy Friday! We are so excited for our second installment of ASE loves. One of our favorite things at ASE is getting our clients invitations into the office. When we see them in person after the design process, we are always overjoyed at the outcome. Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your entire wedding, and gives the guests a first peek into you and your future husband’s big day! Here are some of our favorite invites that evoke the particular wedding’s aesthetic perfectly.

Spring Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Yesterday we talked about the spring trends for brides, but what about the ladies standing beside you? Your bridesmaid’s dresses are very important to the entire look of your wedding. It’s also critical that your girls love the dress they have to wear and that they are comfortable, since they’ll be wearing it all day! Sometimes it’s hard to capture each of your bridesmaid’s individual style, but these dresses are sure to please. Our two favorite spring bridesmaid trends are chiffon gowns and blue tones. Ever think about making your bridesmaids your “something blue”? We love the idea!



Spring 2012 Wedding Dress Trends

Two of our favorite wedding dress trends for the spring are illusion necklines and blush pink tones. It seems like most brides are looking for something unique for their wedding day and these two trends give brides just that option! We love the silhouette of all of the gowns below. Our favorite is the first Monique Lhuillier dress… check out the construction of the corset, perfect!

Illusion Necklines

Blush Pink

ASE Loves: Dessert Bars

Here at ASE we work with a lot of clients with very different needs and wants for their event day. Across the board though, we have noticed that they love dessert bars. Whether a corporate event, fundraiser, sweet sixteen, mitzvah, or wedding we find ourselves styling more and more tables of sweets! We love incorporating the color scheme and theme of a wedding into the candy choices; like taffy for a wedding at the shore, hot chocolate for a winter wedding, football shaped cookies for a Superbowl party, or all pink candy for a Barbie themed sweet sixteen. Check out some of our all time favorite dessert bars:

For The Groom

Looking for the perfect boutonniere to match your soon to be husband’s suit and your theme? It can be hard to find a happy medium between a girly looking display of flowers on his lapel and a just manly enough option. When planning weddings, we suggest that the florist tie in at least one of the flowers used in the bride’s bouquet. Whether it be a single rose or a grouping of flowers with different textures, we think that these boutonnieres will please the bride and groom.


Signature Drinks

When ASE works with a bride and groom, we try to encourage them to consider a signature drink for their special day. Something that will add a personal touch to their cocktail hour, of course in perfect pairing with the theme of the wedding. Bartenders are always up for the challenge of creating something very personal for each couple, so the sky is the limit! Here are some of our favorite signature drinks, and we are positive they taste just as good as they look!