Edible Flowers

At ASE, we think that your wedding cake should be a part of your decor. It should absolutely be in keeping with the theme of your wedding and put on display as a centerpiece. One way we love to incorporate your cake into the reception is to add flowers, whether they are fresh or edible. So many bakers can make amazing sugar flowers that you may not be able to tell the difference!


A Colorado Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday! On Monday, we talked about Allison’s trip to Vail to scout destination wedding locations. Today in true WW spirit, we wanted to share some gorgeous Colorado weddings with you. Imagine yourself getting in this settings. We all want to get married again but this time in Vail!

Vail, Colorado

Happy Monday! Allison was in Colorado all of last week to scout locations for a destination event. Vail is absolutely gorgeous and she was so excited to have found the Vail Marriot Mountain Resort and Spa! Not only is it in the perfect location in Vail, but the scenery and ammenities were perfect. No matter what season your event is in, there are tons of activities and beautiful sites to take in. The leaves in the fall, the snow in the winter, and the wildflowers in spring and summer make Vail the go to destination for a wedding or event. It doesn’t get much better then scenery like this…


Honeymoon Cruise

We officially miss our cruise! Allison is headed to Vail, Colorado today scout some locations for an upcoming destination event. We will talk more about that later, but all of the fun we had on our cruise got us thinking… what about a cruise for a honeymoon? It’s a little bit like staying at an all inclusive resort but you get to visit multiple beaches! Cruise lines can go anywhere and everywhere is seems… from the Caribbean to Alaska to Europe or Disney’s exclusive islands. Wouldn’t you love to visit places like these on your honeymoon? Check out Carnival Cruises and Holland America for some great options!

Weekend Recap

Hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We just returned from a cruise on Holland America and we are happy to report there was a ton of sun and beautiful scenery! There were a lot of people on the ship celebrating St. Patty’s Day the typical way with “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee shirts; but once on land we saw some great fashion in Florida. Since there are Irish themed events for the rest of March, here are some great ideas how to still be chic in all green.

Happy Wedding Wednesday

In case you didn’t already know, we love wedding Wednesdays! Today we are focusing on the ring. Your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever receive. Here are some styles that will have you staring at your finger for months after the engagement!

Carly & Brendan Full Wedding

We are so excited to share some more images from Carly and Brendan’s wedding this summer. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and Carly’s dress had such an amazing detail! Hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed planning!

All Images Via Wendy Robinson

Paris Fashion Week

Have you all been following Paris Fashion Week? We have been keeping a close eye on the trends and we’ve seen some really amazing things. For instance the crystal runway at Chanel or the gorgeous pastels in Chloe’s presentation. What has us really excited though is Dior’s line. Do you see bridal, or is it just us? We are so in love with the silhouettes, colors, and textures… here are some of our favorites.

{All Photos Via The Telegraph}