Lighting Dos and Dont’s

Good Morning ASE Fans… Or if this is your first time checking out our blog welcome! Over here in New Jersey since Hurricane Irene we feel the rain will just not stop! And not only do we have rain, but we have these high powerful winds and crazy thunder/lightning storms as well. Thankful that we have power (and ASE hope everyone is still ok and that your power has either returned or will be back soon!), I was doing a little reading during the lightning storm last night and came across an article in “the knot” about lighting that I thought would be fun to share, by Lisa Freedman and Lighting Guru Bentley Meeker who shares his hot tips. Lighting Dos and Dont’s… Rules to help guide your way to a perfectly lit event!

1. DON’T leave it up at an amateur

Some people look at lighting like another box off the checklist and will leave it up to the DJ to bring in a few extra lights. Lighting however, often has an even bigger impact then centerpieces, and an experienced professional should be called in.

2. DO make a personal connection with your lighting expert

Picking a lighting designer is just like picking an event planner (such as Allison Sargent Events) or florist- you want to make sure they get your personality and vision for the day.

ASE TIP: When making a connection with your lighting professional see if they have a website or a portfolio where you can view their work. Also, check to see if they have worked at your venue before- do they come recommended by the venue, are there any pictures of the venue using their work? DON’T be afraid to ask questions, any professional lighting technician will have the answers and credentials to back their work up.

3. DO visit your site in the evening.

If you’re planning an evening reception or event, visit your venue at least once when it’s dark outside. Here, you will notice what areas need to be lit, where you can focus the lighting, etc.

4. DON’T feel like you have to know technical lighting terms.
lighting lingo

Experts can design a space based on just a few descriptive words from you, but be clear. You can not do a test run on the lights, once the lights are set only minor adjustments can be made. Below are a key lighting terms and the photos are of lighting used at Allison Sargent Events!

ASE is very proud to say we have great relationships with not only venues in New Jersey, New York, and the surrounding area, but, we also have great vendors such as professional lighting experts who we use on a regular basis! If you liked the pictures you saw above and would like to see and know more on our lighting vendors please feel free to contact us at or by direct office line at (973) 783- 5689! Have a great rest of the day and we hope this blog “shone a little light” on something that you might not have already known about event lighting!


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